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Career & Life Coaching

Start with a no-obligation free 30 minute session where we get to know each other and assess if I have the right experience to help you. We can discuss a wide range of subjects, focussing on goals setting and removing blockers to unlock your development.
I specialise in early career, busy schedules and career change. Don't worry if you don't know where you are headed, that's where I can help.

Small Business Coaching

I started my first business in 2005, and I am about to launch my 4th! Being a small business owner or sole trader can be tough and lonely at times. Feel free to bounce ideas off me...judgement free...and we will create strategies to build and grow your empire.
I never work with people if I don't possess the skills they require. So if I can't help I will try to recommend someone who can.

Event Speaker

An experienced event speaker, workshop facilitator and podcast guest including speaking at the Emirate Stadium and Amazon HQ in London.
I can deliver insight on a variety of topics, such as networking, personal brand, social media, corporate etiquette, navigating corporate life, personal development, women in business & STEM careers. Choose a pre-written talk or we can tailor one to suit your business or event.

Workshops & Events

Providing accessible and affordable coaching is at the heart of this business. Enabling people from all stages of their career to find the right coaching, training and mentoring to increase their effectiveness and impact at work. Skill sharing workshops, talks and webinars are available at a range of price points including many free events.

Blogging & Writing

I publish regular blogs on the website and videos via Instagram & YouTube with helpful tips and ideas, plus excerpts from my talks.
I hope you enjoy reading them, feel free to email me with any questions or comment on the blog.
I am also available as a guest writer for other blogs, articles and white papers.

International Availability

The great thing about our digital world is that I can be with you anywhere in the world. I use Zoom for talks and coaching sessions which has been very successful.
I am happy to travel for talks and workshops, coaching is always done virtually.


Career and wellness articles, lifestyle stories and inspiring guests.

The Future of Mentoring

My Mentor Finder launched in July 2020 to provide a platform matching mentors and mentees at any stage of their career and in any industry or business. Mentoring takes place primarily online or by phone Read more…

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