My Background.

I grew up in the mining town of Chesterfield in North East Derbyshire. My school was a normal secondary school with no 6th form and an uninspiring view of careers for women in STEM, which was sad for me, because I have always been a bit of a science nerd! I completed A-levels at the local college and secured a place in a university in Buckinghamshire. After a year it was clear that the financial burden was too much, and so I transferred to Sheffield Hallam University (living at home) where I completed a BSc (hons) in Recreation Management.

I started Tara Huddless Ltd. my third business, to support people from all backgrounds, careers and industries with the skills and resources they need to progress. Whether you are in hairdressing, finance, medicine or any job, there are some skills that traverse all industries and careers at all levels.

As my business has grown and developed I have been able to incorporate some of my recreation, dance and fitness background, where required, to help people balance the stress and pressure that can come with busy schedules. I teach dance and fitness classes as part of retreats or for workshops and am committed to expanding my skills.

Who would have thought science, hospitality, events, business and dance were such a good fit? It really is so important to find your niche…the thing that makes YOUR business or skillset special. It’s also important in a non-linear career to be very clear where your value is and what story your career is telling. If we can be confident in this respect, we can negate the need to feel so competitive towards others, reduce our own stress, and be more willing to offer support to those around us.

I feel very strongly about creating an equal and equitable society where people of all backgrounds, abilities and means are supported. I believe that mentoring and coaching should be available for everyone, regardless of the job they choose, where they come from, or whether they are full-time, part-time or voluntary workers.

In 2018, I was delighted to be invited to my first guest speaking engagement at the Your Future, Your Ambition event at the Emirates Stadium, London. I have since completed multiple speaking events, workshops and podcasts and I love to offer this alongside my coaching and events work.

My own career has been incredibly diverse, and exciting. I have made 3 major industry changes and worked at different sized companies, as well as running my own businesses.

Career Timeline

You can listen to my podcast guest appearance to hear more about how I constructed a strong career story : The Power of Personal Brand for Non-Linear Careers

Where I Work.

Face to Face

For face to face meetings and workshops, I currently cover most of the South East United Kingdom. Arrangements can be made for engagements in other locations, please get in touch to discuss.


I work with clients and companies from around the globe. Recently I have had the pleasure of working with coaching clients in The Philippines and Ethiopia, distance is no barrier in this digital world.

Professional Accreditations & Accomplishments.

Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Mentoring for Mentors Professional Certification – 100%

Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry Certification

Cyber Security Speciaisation – Usable Security

RBS Cybersecurity Innovation Competition Winner

Exercise to Music – Level 2

Exercise Physiology

Zumba Instructor Network Qualified

Stability Ball Expert Instructor

OCN Level 1 Counselling Skills

16 years of corporate experience and 36 years of dance experience.

Mentor at The Girls’ Network

Mentor, Speaker and Workshop Facilitator for Generation Success.

TED Talks Audience Mentor

BSc hons: Recreation Management

HND Leisure Management

Social Media & Resources

Instagram: @tara_huddless

Twitter: @THuddless

Facebook Page: Tara Huddless Ltd.

Small Business Sisterhood, a group of ladies growing or starting small businesses, sharing ideas and support: message me at 07949205732 to be added, or join us on facebook

Youtube channel:

Tara Huddless Ltd. Registered Company in England and Wales: 11894697