Remember that Vivian Green quote?

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

I can’t help taking that and applying it to the terrible pandemic situation we now find ourselves in. Through the trials and tribulations of my life so far, the one thing that I regret is spending my twenties and early thirties waiting for life to start.

I waited to be richer, to be promoted, to be asked. Even though I had some amazing experiences during this time there was always an over-shadowing feeling of…”I’ll be happy when.’

25% of the world’s population are currently in lockdown, we have no idea how long this will last.

If we don’t make the best of this time, and learn to see some positives in our confinement then who knows how much time we will lose to sadness and to inertia. We must OF COURSE obey the rules of the lockdown, but I am starting to find joy in new things and in the changes around the world.

May favourite new thing from all this is the sudden feeling of peace and calm. It’s not to say that I am not busy, both the day job and the business are very busy. I suppose from a logistical point of view the extra time comes from having no social engagements and no travelling for work or pleasure.

But actually, knowing that I must stay at home has given me the opportunity to find space, to allocate time to tasks differently, and to think more clearly. I find myself feeling less hassled, and more able to focus on tasks. The things I had been waiting to do; tend the garden; repair clothes that needed the odd stitch or a new button; cooking; finally getting into a decent fitness and wellbeing routine. I am also sleeping better.

So What Happens When We Get Back to “Normal”?

Interesting question, particularly as I have worked from home for almost 12 years.

I can’t really account for the positive changes in my outlook, other than it being mind over matter. What I do know, is that as the world slowly begins to returns to normal I am going to try to keep to these things:

  • Prioritise my down-time over social engagements, I think for too long I have only seen “going out” as my relaxation or fun time, but this can be more tiring than work
  • Diarise my fitness regime, again, a question of priorities
  • Keep up with yoga almost every day. Something I pledged after my yoga retreat in January. Having access to my yoga studio online has really helped to get back on track

The final thing I really want to commit to, is doing more cooking at home. I have really enjoyed our meals, the process of preparing them and sitting down to dinner at the table and board games afterwards. I really want to get back to seeing a meal out as a treat or celebration, not something we do every day! (Oh and sorry, to add to this, buy a dishwasher).

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash


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