During this personally and professionally challenging time for all of us, I want to do the very best I can to support businesses and communities. I will do this by:

  1. Hosting your webinars and workshops – see below
  2. I will give you FREE advice and coaching to help you set up online, craft your webinars and workshop and promote your business
  3. I will make available my mailing list and network of contacts and social media platforms for promotional activities (at my discretion).
  4. You can also join ‘The Small Business Sisterhood’ a WhatsApp group to provide positive ideas and support. WhatsApp me on 07949 205732 with your name and business details to join
Bring Your Business Online

Do you or someone you know have a small business that is suffering or will suffer from reduced business during the COVID-19 isolation?

To support you I am offering my ZOOM platform, networks and mailing list for you to host talks and workshops, (approximately 6000 people directly and around 50,000 through my extended networks). This could be anything from wellbeing to fitness at home, tips for making things or being more self-sufficient, or inspirational talks. I am open to suggestion.

I will charge £5 per person registering and facilitate this through my Zoom and Eventbrite platforms, and website. Whatever the talk or workshop makes after I deduct expenses is yours! To be clear this is just the cost of the ticket fee that eventbrite charges (which I can add on top of the £5 to get you more revenue) and £5 towards the cost of the zoom platform.

I will need you to share with your networks and customers too, and of course I can’t guarantee any uptake, but worth a try!

Talks should be 45 minutes including Q&A. Please text 07949205732 or email info@tarahuddless.com and share to anyone who may need this type of support.

I will also be featuring work from home tips and isolation ideas and events via the BLOG so keep an eye out for those too.

Very best wishes, stay safe.

Tara x