My Mentor Finder launched in July 2020 to provide a platform matching mentors and mentees at any stage of their career and in any industry or business. Mentoring takes place primarily online or by phone enabling more people to be reached, members are not restricted to mentors near their home.

My Mentor Finder aims to change how people view mentoring and make it simple to engage in, and to end when the time is right. Once you gain the skills you need or you have shared your knowledge you can move on to another mentoring agreement and this isn’t negative, it encourages more people to share the time they have without worrying about making a huge commitment. You can read more below our FAQ’s.


How much does it cost?The basic membership for individuals is free. This includes your own mentor or mentee profile and access to our data base of mentors so you can find the career support you need. We will soon introduce tiered and corporate pricing but the basic membership will always remain free
How much time will it take?There are no rules for how much or little time you give to your mentoring arrangement. It is up to you and your mentoring partner to agree this and make arrangements. All we ask is that you honour the agreement you make
Who is it for?Any one aged 18 or over.
What industries & job types does it cover?Any, from beauty to bomb disposal to board member. If you don’t see your industry or the skills you need
How does it work?You set up your profile, set up your requirements and then use the search function to select from the mentors who match the skills you want to learn. Then simply both parties will receive a matching email and it will be up to the two of you to arrange your sessions
Is there any guidance available to help with the sessions?Yes, as well as our terms and conditions and safety tips there is also a mentoring contract for you to download and a first meeting checklist. If you need anything else, drop us an email
Can I take a break from mentoring?Yes, you can pause your account at any time. You can also say no to matches if it is not the right time
How do I end the mentoring arrangement?We suggest you agree at the start or the arrangement what you both wish to get from the mentorship. This makes it easy to identify when the mentoring is complete. You are then free to move on to another arrangement, of take a break. Please be respectful of other people and act kindly
Can I use this for my company?Yes! We have now launched our corporate program and are currently onboarding our first organisations. Please contact us for more details
What if I work alone?Even more reason to sign-up! Entrepreneurs, business owners, directors and executives can experience a pretty lonely time with few peers around to ask for help. Let us find you a match!
What other benefits do I get?This is a work in progress, stay tuned as we will be introducing talks, webinars, training and more very soon

Skill sharing can take place at any stage of a career and does not have to be a long-term arrangement. You can agree to exchange specific skills and learnings, or to work over a longer period of time, depending on your needs. You can also pause your account at any time to enable you to manage your schedule and workload.

Finding a mentor can be difficult as a student, graduate, trainee or early in your career as you have not yet built up your network or you may not yet have the confidence to approach someone. For executives it can be difficult because there are few people in your position or higher. For those in small businesses, start-ups and for entrepreneurs it can be a bit of a lonely road and you are not surrounded by colleagues to ask for advice and guidance.

My Mentor Finder encourages skill sharing across levels and industries. You may have been in your career for decades and need to learn social media or technology skills, and so a recent graduate could be a great person to mentor you. In return they have the opportunity to speak with a senior person and gather meaningful career insights. Mentoring is not just for corporate careers, transferrable skills are real and valuable. So whatever career path you choose from performing arts, to dentistry, to fitness and beyond; everyone can find a great mentor here.



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