In these frightening and unprecedented times, things are changing so rapidly globally. With so many under pressure to pivot their businesses and make difficult choices, I am suspending the “These Three Things” interviews for a whiled changing it to a monthly feature to make space for new content Instead I am going to share with you three different things: AMAZING, HEARTWARMING & FUN, to boost morale and share kindness and joy. If you have something great to share, please email it to me at:

I hope this message finds you and yours, safe and well.

With love, Tara x


I am just astounded by the stunning, calm canals in Venice. With no one moving around or travelling by gondola the waters have settled revealing the beautiful clear waters and fish.

Photo by Tom Podmore on Unsplash


On Thursday the 26th at 8pm the whole of the UK stood on their doorsteps and applauded the work of the NHS and other key workers. It was incredibly moving and here is one of my favourite videos sent to me by a friend who lives in a nearby village. I also saw and incredible video taken by a nurse friend of her neighbours employing her. It’s wonderful to see this solidarity at such a difficult time in the world.



The Natural History Museum in London is of course closed at the moment, but in the coming weeks they will be drinking their collections to life online with curious stories and connections to the natural world. You can sign up for updates HERE.

Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash


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