Taralosophy Sunday Special Feature: These Three Things. Each week I feature an inspirational woman, asking them just three questions.

This week features artist Hannah Boomting.

I am a low key, self taught artist and I decided to turn it into a business when I realised there was a demand for it. I purposely don’t do too much and take on more than I can handle because I love drawing and painting for relaxation. I do it for me as much as others. I am super happy to be able to provide clients with one of a kind custom pieces of artwork at an affordable price. I enjoy it too much to ever stop drawing and am constantly seeking inspiration and trying to better myself.

The one thing, practice or thought that can always boost your motivation is…

Visiting new places.

The best thing any one ever told you is…

You are good enough.

One thing that is special about your career and/ or business is…

I get to relax doing something I love and bring other people happiness with one off custom pieces of art.


You can get in touch with Hannah by email: hannahboomting@gmail.com

Instagram: @Hannah_boomting or FACEBOOK

If you would like to be featured in “These Three Things” please complete this SURVEY.


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