Taralosophy Sunday Special Feature: These Three Things. Each week I feature an inspirational woman, asking them just three questions.

This week features Independent Isagenix Associate, and Aerospace Engineering Graduate, Rydel Hemmings.

Rydel Hemmings has always been entrepreneurial. From a young age, her and her sister had ice cream stands instead of lemonade stands, they made and sold bookmarks and while travelling created a little business every where they went. Rydel recently graduated with Honours with a Bachelor’s of Aerospace Engineering, and although the joke has gone around that she is married to her books, she is in a loving relationship , working in the industry and works with individuals in the health and fitness industry part time. She loves helping people, especially to ensure that they are happy and healthy. Rydel strongly believes that the body is meant to be healthy, strong and have energy throughout the entire day and if people aren’t there yet, she will help them get there.

The one thing, practice or thought that can always boost your motivation is…

I am worthy, I am enough and I am a badass.

The best thing any one ever told you is…

Good is the enemy of great.

One thing that is special about your career and/ or business is…

The community and the family that is created with who I work with. People are more than customers, they’re real friends.

Rydel has used the Isagenix products for 14 years, which is over half her life! It originally started because her mom wanted to lose weight, and her family had to do it together. Her mom lost weight, dad gained lean muscle, and her and her sister stopped wanting granola bars and treats in their lunches, rather started to crave healthy snacks such as fruit and cheese and crackers. They were able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle all the way through their childhood and into high school. When Rydel moved away from home to pursue her passion of engineering, she knew she couldn’t not go without her favorite Isagenix products. They are the reason she never fell asleep in a class, was able to work part-time while doing a full time degree, and go to the gym 2-5 times a week, all while excelling in all those areas of her life.

Now, Rydel is excited to share her knowledge of healthy eating, fitness and the feeding the body with whole foods and clean ingredients with others, while helping them earn a residual income. If people truly knew the power of residual income, so many would do it. It’s awesome having a paycheck come in every single Monday, and now it’s time for others to feel the same way at the start of every week.

You can get in touch with Rydel at: Rydel@rydelhemmings.com

Visit her on social media:

Instagram: @rydelhs

Facebook: Rydel Hemmings

Or visit her WEBSITE

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