Taralosophy Sunday Special Feature: These Three Things. Each week I feature an inspirational woman, asking them just three questions.

This week features Lily Boulle, Founder and Managing Director of the FABULOUS Sleep Siren. A carefully curated collection of the very best sleep products and sleep wear from around the world.

We are Europe’s first sleep and wellness boutique providing customers with tailored sleep support, and everything they need to build a luxurious bedtime routine sure to send them straight off to dreamland! From silk pyjamas to aromatherapy – our carefully curated product range includes the best in sleep luxury and wellness from around the globe.

The one thing, practice or thought that can always boost your motivation is…

Unsurprisingly, it’s SLEEP! I am totally useless if I don’t have a good nights sleep. Working myself into exhaustion is a false economy. I might get a few more hours work done, but then the next day I pay the price. A well rested women is pretty unstoppable.

The best thing any one ever told you is…

The other day my boyfriend told me that “I have no bad ideas”. He quickly tried to backtrack but the damage was already done. I will never let him forget he said that!

One thing that is special about your career and/ or business is…

I actually launched from a hospital bed, Sleep Siren has always had health and wellbeing at the heart of the business. Four years ago, I was working as a marketing manager in the video-games industry. Then, out of nowhere, my health took a swan dive off a cliff. I spent the next three years in a health spiral. Initially Sleep Siren was just a far away dream. Something to focus on other than doctors appointments and illness. It was actually my mum who kept pushing me and insisting that this business was something I should pursue, not just for myself but for others who might benefit from it. It took over a year but in January 2019 we launched.

At Sleep Siren, we are on a mission to create a happier, healthier society by changing the way society thinks about sleep. Modern society is built on the foundations of poor sleep. Ever longer work hours, lengthy commutes, jam-packed social lives and endless screen time mean we rarely have any chance to ‘switch off’. Sleep is now seen as a luxury that can be deferred to a later date. But the shocking truth is that sleep is the most important factor in well being – more than diet, exercise and genetics.

We are Europe’s first sleep and wellness boutique. We provide accessible information and a carefully curated product range of science-backed products (no fluff or snake oil here) to help you upgrade your sleep and fall back in love with bedtime.

If you would like to get in touch for business enquiries you can do so on: 07506277004 or lily@sleepsiren.com

You can also find Sleep Siren on social media:

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