In my yoga class this morning my teacher asked us to think about what brought us to the practice of yoga in the first place. We spent a few moments thinking about that intention….

It transported me back to a cruise ship in the Mediterranean sea. Until that holiday I hadn’t practiced yoga with any frequency. I dipped in and out when a class was available, at the gym, at a spa, I never really engaged in the practice.

But on this cruise ship, I found my reason. I was lost at sea, and yes…that is a terrible play on words. But I had moved my whole life to a location I didn’t want to live in, and a situation that I was rapidly discovering did not make me happy.

And there on that swaying studio floor, I found calm, I found peace, I found my anchor.

In the years that followed, I would return to the mat to calm anxiety, to think about what I should do, and sometimes…to cry.

Over time I have learned to have no expectations of my practice, but to bring my emotions and my physical state as it it each day, and work with what I have.


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