Emirates Stadium, LONDON. 17.10.2018

I am so very honoured to have been asked to represent Vodafone Business at the Your Future, Your Ambition event at the Emirates Stadium yesterday.

I gave two talks:

  • STEM Careers: Where Are My Role Models
  • NETWORKING: Successful Careers Are More Than What You Know

Although I have presented many hundreds of times in my career, and to scary people like CEOs, Financial Directors and Medical Consultants, nothing could have prepared me for the sea of eager young faces.

Children REALLY listen.

The kind of questions you get from young people are searching and stark. They don’t hold back and they don’t have the fear we have as adults that prevents us saying what we really mean.

This was a valuable learning experience for me too. Both in terms of the audience and the size and prestige of the event and venue. I have been approached by another training company to speak at some of their events and I am excited where this opportunity may lead.

These sessions are available free of charge for schools, universities and colleges, and can be delivered virtually all over the globe. Please contact me for more details: 07949 205732

YFYA Emirates Stadium, London


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